The kinds of projects we've been involved with include:

Management: Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Identify and evaluate the extent of management and leadership performance in relation to the degree of staff engagement, commitment, loyalty and support of organizational strategies and initiatives.

In one instance we needed to identify exactly where Employment Equity was ostensibly working but discovered it was not supported by those required to implement it.

The result: Only lip service was in place.

The organization was able to put specific initiatives in place to overcome the problem and is now fully engaged in staff development - ALL population groups.

This time the emphasis was primarily involved with a shift in the mind-set of managers and leaders along with relationship-building through personal growth i.e. if I feel OK about me then I feel OK (not threatened) about others.

In addition to this, management throughout the organization was able to evaluate performance of specific initiatives and strategies that had been introduced from time to time.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

What are the true attitudes, opinions and motivations of customers? How can you meet these to gain a greater share of the market? How can you enhance loyalty and commitment of current customers and have them customers 'sell' your product and services to others. What then is real customer satisfaction?

Identifying and measuring the efficiency of the product and / or service to meet, satisfy and over-deliver on the needs, wants and expectations of customers in the marketplace.

Identifying and measuring the extent to which internal service needs, wants and expectations of staff are being met and how this can be improved that it impacts on external customer service and satisfaction.

It is much easier to turn a discontented customer into a loyal and committed customer by handling a negative situation positively and accepting the responsibility for poor service!

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Assessing what management and leadership needs to do to obtain the commitment, loyalty and motivation of staff towards the business as well as specific strategies and initiatives. What is true employee satisfaction?

Employees want to know that their contribution to the business is recognized and appreciated. They want to feel that they are able to use what they perceive as their strengths in the work they do.

Without employees, there is no business! But, they also need to understand that it's not their right to expect recognition and appreciation when their contribution and commitment is average or below average.

Communication Surveys

How effective is internal organizational communication? How / Where can it be improved? Is communication training needed in your organization? How good is employee engagement with the communication?

And, external communication? What media needs to be 'employed' to gain the most effective communication to a specific target market e.g. emergent farmers in rural, semi-rural and peri-urban urban areas?

What messages do audiences, consumers, clients and customers need to see, read and hear? How do these messages need to be broadcast? What is the best way to meet these needs in a way that is most effective for the advertiser?

New Product / Service Surveys

Is there a market for your product or service and just how can it be presented to your potential customers in a way that they will buy it. How can it create greater customer satisfaction in the market place?

What is the present attitude and opinion of your potential market? Do you have to turn negatives into positives or is it more important and of value to emphasize only the positives?

What does your market really want and need and how can you meet each of these in a mutually beneficial way? How can you create extraordinary customer satisfaction that they almost have no other choice than your product / service?

Climate and Culture Surveys

What is the climate (feelings about working for the organization) and culture (perceptions of the organization) within your organization?

Transport Surveys

Just how easy is it to get from a township to one's place of work; all the modes of transport involved as well as the time taken and the impact this has on the work ethic.

Survey of the Business Attitude to SA Economy

What is the opinion of business towards the South African economy at any given time? Does it differ between entrepreneurs, SME's and larger organizations like corporates and Government bodies / departments?


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