We have over 25 years experience as marketing, research and management professionals, tailored our services to meet our client's needs.

We work very closely with organizational leadership and management to gain an in-depth understanding of the companies we serve. This provides creative insights into project design and evaluation. We assess the dynamics of the project from your perspective with the added advantage of providing objective reasoning, conclusions and recommendations.


Get your managers, leaders and staff to focus on the core issues of running your business. Our Organizational Assessment or Management Survey can help you.

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Get your managers, leaders and staff to contribute to the marketing - all aspects - of your products and / or services. How do they contribute to customer satisfaction?

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Human Resources

The most important resource of any company is its workforce; it's human capital. The under-, or inadequate development of employees leads directly to frustration, discontent and disappointment. And these soon result in poor morale and ultimately poor company performance. We can help you nip this in the bud by assessing Employee Satisfaction.

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Customer Satisfaction Service

This is a dynamic, practical customer satisfaction audit as well as a staff development tool aimed primarily at keeping existing customers: keeping them satisfied while simultaneously gaining more customers or developing greater market opportunities.

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Team Building workshops and 360˚ Feedback and Assessments

This is a dynamic, on-site, practical team-development tool designed to assess the strengths of individual team members aimed primarily at greater team cohesion and productivity.

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When somebody insults you, know that you have won - Madonsela

2015-08-25 20:35 Amanda Khoza, News24 ...

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What is success - Laws of success

'Success is living the lifestyle of our choice, finding meaning in life, experiencing peace of mind and maintaining feelings of love and joy.'-Dr. Ray A Laferla, Integrated Human Dynamics

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