T.E.A.M.E. (The Employee Attitude Measurement and Evaluation) Surveys

Have your managers, leaders and staff focus on Performance Management along with the core issues of running your business? Our Organizational Assessment or Management Survey can help you.

SPOT THAT Zebra identifies, examines and evaluates management and leadership development throughout the organization.

Understandably, these analyses are unrealistic to do from within an organization. They require a professional, objective approach, with personal contact, confidentiality and empathetic understanding.

Through our Management surveys, we help engender a culture of honesty and teamwork. We stimulate all levels of staff to focus on the core issues of running your business, enhancing its success.

We undertake organizational assessments focusing on both Employee Satisfaction and Business Performance Management simultaneously evaluating Customer Relationship Management. This also contributes to your company's performance and profitability in the marketplace.

Through the use of personal or electronic surveys and carefully constructed, user-friendly questionnaires, we identify and evaluate the individual strengths and growth areas for every person who has staff reporting to him / her - throughout your organization. Essentially we measure, through Staff surveys:

  • Specific Leadership training that is needed.
  • Staff perceptions of Management performance - according to their actual experience.
  • How staff feel about specific issues, strategies, initiatives within the department / branch / organization and how this impacts on the performance of the Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader.
  • How staff feel about working for the organization itself.

Some questions we guarantee to answer include:

  • Do training courses give your organisation the benefits they offer?
  • What are the specific strengths of individual managers / supervisors / team leaders?
  • To what degree are individual managers / leaders / staff, committed to the implementation of organizational strategies?

And then, from the answers to these questions, you can:

  • Develop individual managers / leaders / supervisors in the specific management training and management skills required, combined with their Performance Management results.
  • • Reveal the areas of mutual expectation between your company and staff through our analyses, and be seen to react to the personal input from your workforce.

When managers and leaders know how their style is experienced by their staff it benefits their leadership skills development to help them motivate, manage and lead their staff.

Projects are undertaken on a real-time basis (online surveys) where results are available throughout the 'interviewing' process.

This is a living instrument. It is always up-to-date in monitoring and measuring employee performance management, employee satisfaction, current initiatives and strategies. And, it also measures and monitors managers' and employees' reactions and commitment to these.

The ultimate aim of TEAME is to improve efficiency ... bottom-line!


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