Get your managers, leaders and staff to contribute to the marketing - all aspects - of your products and / or services, ensuring you:

  • Gain a better understanding of the true needs of your customers - consumers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and your staff (the internal customer).
  • Improve the development and execution of strategic marketing plans of both new and established products or services.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities available to your company.

We will contribute to your company's performance and profitability in the marketplace.

Some Questions We Guarantee to Answer include:

  • Opportunities to increase market share overall, or within an identified niche.
  • What do current, potential and past customers think of your products, services, staff, competitors.
  • Who and what influences your customers most of all.
  • How is your organisation's corporate image seen through the eyes of your customers, staff and competitors.
  • Current trends in the marketplace and how to capitalise on these.
  • How to increase managers' / leaders' performance, employee motivation and commitment, customer satisfaction.

In short, what can be done to increase your organisation's bottom-line.

The kinds of Projects we specialize in include:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Managers / Supervisors / Leaders - Performance Management surveys.
  • Tracking marketing performance of Products / Services.
  • Concept development and evaluation.
  • Product / service usage, purchase patterns, loyalty, price sensitivity.
  • Test markets.

We do Qualitative and Quantitative work involving all population groups (consumers and business people) throughout Southern Africa - random and quota samples.


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